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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Ale / Lager, Pilsner / Beer, Rioja / Riocka

Last year I underwent an awakening: people like draught beer.
This year, I discovered that while some people like draught lager, others prefer draught ale.
I only served draught lager.
So yesterday I went to visit Duncan Sambrook, of Sambrooks Brewery around the corner from me here in Battersea.
My questions made him pull the face I have to pull when people ask for an Australian Rioja (rioja is their favourite grape). He was confused at my questions, but eager to help.
What did I learn? For starters... here are the answers to some important beer basics:
1. Beer = an alcoholic drink made by the brewing & fermenting of starches
2. Lager = fermenting at cold temps, with "fizz" added afterward
3. Pilsner = a type of pale lager, with predominant hop characteristics
4. Ale = fermented at hot temps, with "fizz" developed during secondary fermentatin (yes, like champagne!)
For seconders, I learnt we really need to be stocking some of this full, flavoursome ale stuff...
At artisan&vine we currently have pilsner & lager on tap... we're now trialling Duncan's excellent local ale by the bottle.
Come by & cast a vote... we're keen for your thoughts!
Image: Duncan's fantastic Wandle Ale... I reckon we're onto a winner...

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