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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Make mine a triple vodka with cranberry, in a pint glass thanks Sheila

Will there come a week when no one orders the unexpected? Last night we had a fun loving group of young lads who were drinking shots of vodka, mixed with various juices, from pint glasses. This was an unanticipated use of my newly acquired pint glasses. Undoubtedly, it is a much more efficient means of drinking your vodka cranberry than going back and forth to the bar all night. After getting to know the boys, I learnt that they were Australians running a construction business. Of course they were, what other pedigree could generate such pragmatism?

In artisan&vine last night: Matt and Jenna had a farewell party before heading back to sunnier shores of Sydney and Caroline had a group of friends join her for drinks before months of travel (sorry guys, we’re not planning on stocking Lambrusco anytime soon J ). My friends Lionel and Mickael brought some more of their French friends along to celebrate Lionel recently being awarded a Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Scholarship – congrats!!

Popular buys last night: other than the triple-shot-pint (shall I add it to the menu?) the 2006 Ortega from Biddenden in Kent had a good run last night. Matt and Jenna’s friends decided they should all sample some English wines while they still had the chance. They were delighted with the result. It’s completely understandable: this Ortega has all of the fruit and flavour that Aussies hope for in our wines, despite it’s cool climate region of growth. An elderflower nose with creamy undertones, we sell this wine for a take home price of £8.60/bottle.

Picture: I thought we had most types of drinks covered... here a lager, prosecco and liqueur

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