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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

We're engaged!

No, not me... but a lot of other people that come to artisan&vine. It’s certainly our most popular group reservation – almost every Saturday night through to January is booked out with engagement parties. This Saturday gone was the engagement party for Laura and David. Laura and David went all out with their decorations and I loved joining in preparations with them. We had photos of the couple decorate the entire back section of the bar – including photos of Laura and David over the traditional “ladies” and “mens” sign for the bathrooms. I still wish we had a photo of that...

In artisan&vine Saturday night: in addition to the hundred or so people at Laura & David’s party, my lawyer Simon came for dinner and drinks with his brother and father. They loved the Cuvee 41 from Le Clos Perdus that I recommended – it has an outstanding complexity while still being very drinkable; wonderful cured meat flavours with a balanced freshness; it’s one of my favourite wines at the moment (£13.50/bottle to take home). Zoe from Visit London also came by with a friend; I only met Zoe after we were included in their Top 10 wine bars list and I’m stoked she still enjoys coming here.

Popular buys on Saturday night: the 2007 Coteaux Du Languedoc from Mas Nicot found a big following last night and deservedly so. This is a fantastic white wine – beautiful fresh lime flavours ride the wave of creaminess leant by it’s 45% Marsanne composition. Revellers bought several bottles to take home, a steal at only £10.20/bottle.

Picture: I think our fairy lights are partly responsible for our popularity as a romantic destination?

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