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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Happy Hour and my medieval PR skills

Yesterday someone on twitter said artisan & vine's PR skills are "medieval". It's true... we still haven't thought of anything better than relying on our customer's word of mouth & writing little witticisms about our latest ideas, discoveries or revelations. Well... here's my latest shot at homemade PR... like homemade wine or homemade cooking... I reckon there's a certain charm :)

I’m certain I don’t do enough to let you know about Happy Hour. I’m certain because any wine lover who knew about it would definitely be at the bar.

Happy Hour runs at artisan & vine every day from 5pm till 7pm. We always have 2 whites, 2 reds, a rose, a sweet wine and a sherry on Happy Hour. The deal is: you get to drink the selected wines at our off licence, rather than bar, prices. Because we are also an off licence, if you don’t finish the bottle at artisan & vine, we can cork it up for you to take home or to a BYO restaurant.
It’s an incredible deal.

We change the wines on offer regularly and you get them for a fantastic price. To get an idea of our off licence prices, click here to see the online shop, and see how Happy those hours between 5pm and 7pm really are!
Image: this stunning 2008 Albarino from Bonny Doon is currently on Happy Hour at artisan & vine; exactly the sort of opportunity any wine lover should jump on!


Miss Bouquet said...

Sounds like another coward that uses social media to hide behind and be mean. I certainly wouldn't say your PR is medieval! I've seen the reviews you've got hanging up in your bar, very impressive I'd say!

Miss Bouquet

Kathryn said...

Lol... I think he was joking? :)

Either way... "old fashioned" feels like a good thing for me.

Thanks for the kind words - please do introduce yourself next time you're in!