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Monday, 26 April 2010

Wine Profile: Cuvee Faustine 2007, Domaine Comte Abbatucci, Ajaccio, Corsica

Any wine blog worth its weight in cork should have regular profiles of particularly exciting wines. You can find a collection of my favourite wines within this blog under the tag "Wine profiles".

Today, as the sun is here - if a little retreated this particular day - I must talk rose! In specific, this gorgeous Corsican rose, which currently ranks as the fifth best selling wine on the artisan & vine online shop, no small achievement!

On the magical island of Corsica, known in France as “Île de Beauté” (the Beauty Island”), the Domaine Comte Abbatucci extends over 100 ha of granitic sandy slopes, blending in with the wild but benevolent natural landscape.

Out of the estate’s 100 hectares, there are 20 ha of vines but also clementines, vegetables, olive trees, sheep… All farmed bio-dynamically since 2000. Jean-Charles strongly believes in Rudolph Steiner’s concept of a “farm unit”.

Being one of the oldest vineyard plantations in Corsica, the estate has been selected to study and experiment the reproduction of ancient vine varieties that are treasures of the Corsican viticulture. The estate grows a fascinating (and delicious) range of indigenous varieties: Vermentino, Niellucio, Sciaccarello and Barbarossa. Life on the estate is regulated by the rhythms of sun, moon and planets. The grapes harvested develop in health and harmony.

Today Jean-Charles’s wine quality is recognised by experts all over the world, wines that preserve the very particular and original flavours of the Corsican terroir. This wine is the ultimate rose experience. Light colour, displaying aromas of peach & apricot, red berries. A tender, subtle wine with outstanding freshness.

This is the wine to persuade those rose-doubters that the style is capable of greatness!
Naturally, it is available at artisan & vine wine bar, and on our online shop here.

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