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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

How to meet new people AND enjoy amazing wine

You already know we run exciting Speed Dating every other Thursday and fun Wine Tasting every Wednesday. Now we’ve combined the best of both to have Wine Dating! The next Wine Dating event at artisan & vine will be run on Sunday, 30 May at 2pm.

How does it work?
WineDating events are a great way to meet new people whilst tasting some great wines from around the world. Wine tasting dating allows you to meet people in groups of 6 rather than one-on-one like traditional speed dating.

What is the format of a WineDating event?
Our wine tasting events are totally different to any other dating events in London. On arrival you will greeted by our hosts who will allocate you a table number and a scorecard.
Once everyone has arrived I will begin with an introduction into tasting, some hints and tips plus a description of the six wines you will taste during the event. Everyone then takes their seats and the tasting of the first wine begins. Please remember to arrive on time as we can't always let you in if you're really late!
Once everyone is seated in their first group of six (normally 3 guys, 3 girls) the wine tasting begins! You then have around 12 minutes to taste the first wine, chat and get to know your first set of co-tasters.
When your 12 minutes is up we will signal the end of your first tasting session. At this point the guys move on to their next table and collect the wines for their next tasting group.
It's important to record the people you want to see after each tasting as you're going to be using our online matching system then day after the event!
This format until all groups have met all the members of the opposite sex and tasted all six wines.


miss mary said...

This is such a great idea! We will definitely feature it on our website http://www.thegreatdateguide.com/

Kathryn said...

Yes, the last one was fantastic fun. It's really nice to have something - like wine - in common & interactive to talk about.