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Friday, 30 April 2010

artisan & vine’s Eat Out Manifesto

Damn straight I’m getting in on electoral fever!

Here’s our Eat Out Manifesto:

  1. We believe that all Londoners should be able to eat out any day of the week, regardless of occasion or cause for celebration.
  2. We believe that Monday through Thursday should provide the same, if not better, opportunities for eating out as over-crowded week ends.
  3. We believe that Friday is better when it starts with sparkling wine.
  4. We believe that outstanding wine should be available with every eating experience, and enjoyed without compromise.

To fulfil these ideologies, we pledge to offer all customers the opportunity to enjoy a Prix Fixe menu of £11 for two courses and £13 for three courses, every day of the week.

Click here to see the menus on offer in our Eat Out Manifesto.

1 comment:

miss mary said...

You've got my vote!!!