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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Friends of artisan & vine

I've been thinking a bit lately about whether it's right to include promotional type information within my blog posts. I come to the - at least temporary - conclusion that people interested in an artisan & vine blog might also be interested in what various special events or promotions we may be running at a given time. My promotional posts are labelled clearly as such, distinct from more of the fact, tip or story based entries. I hope this makes it easy for readers to sift through the various bits of interest. My objective is to blog more frequently on facts, tips & stories, and to share promotional and event information as seems useful to y'all.

On that note, I'd like to focus today's blog on something I'm particularly proud of: our friends of artisan & vine card.

The "friends of artisan & vine" card can be used to claim various benefits and gifts with artisan & vine. It may be bought at the bar or online for yourself, a friend or loved one.

Here's what a "friends of artisan & vine" card gets you:
• One free main meal
• A Birthday bottle of wine, to drink in at artisan & vine
• 50% off your next artisan & vine wine tasting event
• 15% off your next artisan & vine online wine case
• Monthly and weekly exclusive offers and discounts
• Subscription to the artisan & vine newsletter
• A happy feeling for supporting local and natural artisan wine makers

Cards cost £10 each and generate over £50 worth of benefit, simply by redeeming the subscription offers - we have even more specials and discounts announced via our newsletter each month! Terms and conditions apply. Cards can be bought at the bar or via our online shop.

Then, you need only show your membership card at the bar, or enter relevant discount codes on the online shop (this will be emailed to you following subscription) to redeem benefits.

Text on back of card reads:

artisan & vine is London’s first wine bar and shop to specialise in Local English and Natural wines. Friends of artisan & vine are friends of artisan wine makers.

We believe in supporting local English producers. We believe in supporting wine makers who work sustainably and without chemical manipulation globally.

We are not only what we eat. We are also what we drink, what we experience and what we choose to support.

Drink Local * Drink Natural * Drink Artisan

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