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Friday, 7 May 2010

The Wine Patio & Plushification

Scrutiny of the weather forecast is something of a preoccupation of mine. As well as a steady interest in how the 2010 English vintage might turn out, artisan & vine’s humble (yet awesome) Wine Patio relies on the weather. But the weather just isn’t playing ball. For those new to The Adventures of artisan & vine, the Wine Patio is our answer to the Beer Garden, and it’s a rather lovely place to while away some sunny hours.

Frustrated by the absence of sun, I’ve opted to take our decorative hands back inside. The Plushification that took part in our bathrooms some weeks back has progressed into the main body of the bar with fresh paint, exciting new art work and due to popular demand - bar stools!

The sun may be holding back on us a little this year but we hope you’ll like the Plushification we have going on inside of a&v in the meantime!

Image: I love our cool new bar stools - please do come by to give them a swivel!

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